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Our New Service—Affordable audition videos for your self-promotion efforts

Venues don't want to hear your mp3s anymore...they want to see you perform live and Live@Bob's is now offering a new paid video recording service to help you promote your performance to your desired venues. It's very simple: we'll professionally audio/video record you performing up to 6 song segments, edit them together in a medley-form for you, and provide you with a final HD (1080p), YouTube-ready video that you can post to your YouTube account - or we can post on Live@Bob's for you where you can easily link back to it.


Contact us today and reserve your recording time:
602.432.0428. / email: bob@liveatbobs.com.


Check out these audition videos we've done for several great local artists who are having success promoting themselves to venues with these great videos:



Claudia Bloom & Mary Petrich

Tom Bertling

The Pete Pancrazi Trio


Welcome to Live@Bob's ("LAB"), an online  video channel dedicated to bringing to you the very best in "live" performances by incredibly talent singer/songwriters and instrumentalists.


Relax and enjoy the unique talent of each "invitation-only" music artist as they performer three of their best original songs for you in full HD video.


Listen to some of the greatest talents, and come to appreciate their music, as we did.


If you like what you hear, please take the opportunity to Subscribe to our YouTube channel,, like them on Facebook, and finally, the best compliment you could pay them, purchase their music from their chosen online music stores - iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.


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Live@Bob’s produces high-quality audio and video of “live” performances under controlled conditions.

Some of the great talent that have graced our Live@Bob's Sessions so far....but wait, there's more coming.

Thanks to all the great songwriter/performers (below) who have made our Live@Bob's sessions so successful. Visit the Video page to watch them all now.


Keep 'em coming - Subscribe to the Live@Bob's YouTube channel today.


Shannon Trotter Bo Busiuk Gene Moran Robby Robertson Nick Heward Jeordie Schekeryk Billy Cioffi Jenny Jarnagin Beth Lederman Pete Pancrazi PTNA - aka Justin Olson: Walt Richardson:   



Gregg Myers


Josh Hill


Nathan Jude


JC & Laney


Eric Ramsey




Gary Marsh


Tim McDonald


Lewis Ray Cammarata


John Cotter